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Cleo Products

Cleo Products

Secure MFT

Secure, manage, control, and govern the data flows that power your business. With Cleo's managed file transfer products, you can consolidate and streamline all of your company's file transfer processes and grow your connections and business easily. Whether you have one trading partner or thousands, Cleo has the right MFT solution to meet your business needs.

Secure Collaboration

Gain control of information and eliminate data breaches with Cleo's secure file sharing and trusted email solution. Collaborate with others — both inside and outside of the company while exchanging files of all types and sizes securely and easily. It's the best of team collaboration without the security risks associated with less secure consumer-oriented solutions.

Secure B2P

With people on the go, it's important to reach them wherever they are and however you can. That's why Cleo offers a dynamic and interactive multimodal integration solution that enables B2P (business-to-person) integration. Achieve automated integration between your applications and the people in your value chain with voicemail, texting, email, and fax.

About Our Company

Companies need to move data both within their enterprise and beyond. They want to view data insights and act with informed decisions. Cleo makes it easy! With over 35 years of experience and over 100,000 proven and tested installations worldwide, Cleo offers enterprise integration software solutions that are exceptionally easy to install and use. Cleo has solutions for enterprise managed file transfer, network fax, and dynamic interactive voice and text messaging.

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At Cleo, we're not only passionate about our products, but about developing strong relationships with our customers and partners. Relationships start with our employees, who share a commitment to innovation and work together in a positive, rewarding environment. Our experienced team, proven technology, and strong customer and partner relationships make Cleo an inspiring and challenging place to work.